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About Us

Wind Load Solutions would like to point out our 22 years’ experience coupled with experience helping others pass through permitting with ease.

Firstly, we created this wind load calculator for the purpose of obtaining pressures quickly and easily.

Undeniably an engineer can calculate wind loads, however it generally takes hours to perform manually. Additionally, it can be very expensive to outsource. To that end Wind Load Solutions was created.

Although wind loads can be calculated by hand, it undoubtedly is a good idea to verify them.  Many engineers, architects, shutter manufacturers, and the like use our calculator to obtain accurate wind load pressures quickly. 

What’s more, some permit departments use our wind load calculator to double check what's being submitted for permit approval. 

Additionally, our program provides values for wind load formulas, per the ASCE 7 publication. Thus, you have verification of values and can share them with your permit department, if needed.

Permitting Departments, Architects, Engineers, Roofing Contractors, Shutter Manufacturers, and Many Others Are Currently Benefiting From Our Program.

The origination of how Wind Load Solutions was created, and continues to be updated, is with practicing architect, engineer, permit department, and customer feedback.


As well, code updates are applied.

It only takes seconds to enter data into our wind load calculator.

Wind pressures are calculated instantaneously.


The best part is, whenever and wherever you need wind load pressures calculated, we are there for you. 

You can use the program from any location with available internet.